陷进了陷进了 无法控制 !

陷进了陷进了 无法控制 !
总告诉我自己勿忘初心 珍惜拥有的现在
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WTH Event

During this semester, we had to organised an event.

we took up around 9-10 weeks to prepare this event.

It is such a BIG EVENT for us. What The Health Event.

and we really cannot accept that this coursework was 50%

its meant that this course had final exam!!

why why why?!!

we all were very busy to prepare it and wont have time to do revision

but we had to accept it also TT

we had a committee department and I am treasurer in this event.

Actually I dun wan to take this role cuz I want to take part in management department

but due to some reasons, I remained in the same position also.

we both DPR classes put 100% efforts in this event

and I felt very touch as like first time see whole classes' cooperation.

of course, we had fight, we had argue but finally we did it!



yee fong withdraw and left us

all these things we did not expect will happened.

although the event's outcomes were not same as our expectations but it worth for us.

It created unforgetable memories for us.

Our cousework marks were not as good as what we hoped for.

Others I dunno, but I think unfair for the marks that I get campared with others.

自从 En.Azrel 教了我们,我都不喜欢他








我有在 evaluation 投诉过他,但还是一样啊。我就不管了。










The most important things were what I had learnt from this event and what I get from it.


mannique challenge from our DPR classes!

special guest for our event!

Local Singer ~ his voice very nice!

One of the small activity in this event was dodge ball competition

Thanks all the participants for taking part in it and support our event

especially 堂哥 gang ! haha
This is our event logo

All of these stuffs, deco, preparations, stages, sign boards and others are done by us

We used up around three days from morning until night to prepare all of these.

Even though there are many matters happened during the preparation but I

really felt proud of all of us and really appreciate all the efforts being put from everyone

Without one of us, this event will not be completed and successful !



今年新年过得其实不怎么样 加上考试更加不怎么样

不过都过了 希望考试成绩都顺利吧!






很开心的是他们关心我们的状态 我们也问候回他们


通常办的人约的人都会是我 其实久了真的会累的

因为不是每个人的时间都一样 要一个个去调去约

一路来我都很重感情 所以对我是值得的

那么多年朋友嘛 如果不主动去办 没人会办的话 就不用聚了

久而久之 就会不再联络了。



今年也不例外 不过他真的瘦好多好多


今年也第一次跟DPR朋友们一起做steamboat聚会 赌博 哈哈


我们即将也要毕业了 希望大家都能一起毕业!

不管未来如何 都要保持联系!





有些朋友不会像之前一样好了 有些朋友还是会跟你保持联络

对这些事这样的心情和感受 要学会习惯 要成长。

这个学期真的觉得特别累了 与之前的学期还累

很多活动办 很多assignments 很多事情 很忙

之前学期一完 就会上网看下工作或者积极做其他事情

这学期一完 真的觉得轻松很多 很想休息

虽然这学期忙 但对我是值得的 让我学了不少东西 体验不少东西


Video Editing Experience

Assignment in Year 1 Semester 3

In this assignment, we needed to come out a variety show

we needed to come out a trailer of the show

It was very hard for us to do it as we are not broadcast students hahaha

but finally, we also made it!

thanked Shuffle, Mikki and a TARUC student (we simply find in a class and ask to be a judge in our show haha the progress was very funny) helped us to take roles in the video.

video was composed and edited by me!

although it was not very good but it meant a lot for me.

This course was taught by Mr David. He is also a very funny and friendly lecture.

we all love him very much hahaha and like to kacau him.

In Year 1 Semester 2 MPU  course,

we needed to come out a video about positive thinking in life

At first, each of us need to write out a story script in order to choose the best one

Alex is not writing the story so we gave him to choose out one story

Then, he choose my story and said that mine one quite suitable for drama and interesting

haha I'm quite happy huehue

We are first time work with Alex. He bring us to a consturction office to take video.

This was a good memory also as we had a lot of NG videos hahaha

while in the same semester, we took Psychology course,

and we also needed to come out a video to examine Change Blindness.

It is a phenomenon occurred which a person failed to notice there is a large changes in the situation.

it was very interesting for us as we need to simply find students in college to cooperate with us to prove our subject was real and correct.

This experiement really amazing. I also can't believe it is real.

We had found some students to play phone games. while Jia Rui and I switch roles to test whether the students realize that we had changed.

we found that many but not all had not realize we had changed.

During the process, I saw 白裤男 and his friends. I want to go and ask them but I was so nervous hahaha. Joey helped me and volunteer to go and ask them.

我也表现得太明显 天 翻我自己白眼

一走过去 我就一直盯着他说话 == 过一下子,我自己才意识到。急忙转向另一个方向

but they made me so disappointed loll. They dint want to cooperate with us though but one of his friend helped us.


These two videos was too large, cannot upload over here.

These videos were composed and edited by me!

I have learnt a lot from these subjects like already be an expert to edit videos haha

I felt very proud and glad that I can learnt these kind of skills as I really like to learn new things.

Photography Experience

Assignment in Year 1 Semester 3

Basic Photography Course

All pictures are credit by me

That time, Max Lim asked us either buy DSLR camera or borrow from friends or seniors

He preferred DSLR camera as its quality better than others and have a lot of functions

I had no DSLR camera and did not want to buy new one as it is very expensive for me

SO, I borrow SONY camera from wan rou

although her camera was not DSLR but Max Lim said is ok to use it

but will have some differences

and I did not care much as can pass up my assignment will do

and wont worse than no camera to use.

During the progress of this assignment, 

I found that my camera also can captured very nice pictures compared to DSLR camera.


I learnt a lot from this course.

fast shutter speed, slow shutter speed, aperture, landscape photo, portrait photo and others.

and I got A in this assignment.

I felt very glad that I had these kind of experience

and met a very kind and friendly lecture——Max Lim

I also want to thank yi wen that sacrificed her time and be my portrait model haha